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The new Beck is quite good. Already discovering quite a bit of music I probably would have otherwise overlooked thanks to Apple Music. I knew this was likely. But it’s good to have it confirmed.

Now that I’ve signed up for Apple Music finally, I’m very curious to see how good a job it does of learning my preferences. It sure is nice to try out albums and artists I’ve always liked but never quite got around to collecting.

Pro tip for cooks: If your menu doesn’t say that you add onions or chives to your eggs, don’t add onions or chives to your eggs. The same should be true for home fries, but that happens so often I’ve given up on that one.

Now that the Photo Challenge is over, I guess I have to go back to posting words again.

And the final Photo Challenge day: #shadow. This has been a lot of fun.

Photo Challenge, Day 6: #seasonal

And Photo Challenge day 5: #liquid

Photo Challenge day 4: #upclose

Today’s Photo Challenge: #onthemove

Time for photo challenge day two: #tasty

Here’s my entry for’s photo challenge day one: #squares

I never like that it gets dark so early this time of year.

Nine times out of ten when I avoid asking a question for fear of appearing stupid, the answer is something I never could have figured out in a million years.

Pounded my head against the wall for a bit on a tricky autoLayout issue that’s still unresolved. Had to walk away. I find the answer tends to come to me easier when I’ve allowed myself to focus on something else for a while. But that’s hard to convince yourself to do.

Enjoying the new iPhone X Camera. Tried just a couple of experiments so far. I want to play around with the portrait effects more.

Okay. Third time was the charm. I think I have a set of steps now to get a massive iTunes library with lots of non-iTunes Music Store files onto an iOS device that isn’t a total headache. I’ll have to write this up soon, once I’ve looked more closely at my phone library to be sure there aren’t too many glitches.

On my third attempt to get my music library from iTunes over to my new iPhone X. This is a chore every single time, and I’ve never figured out the “ideal” way to make it work smoothly. I can’t figure out why copying some files from my Mac to my iPhone is so hard.

The only times I’m really noticing the notch on my new iPhone is when apps or views are animating on or off screen. Weirder for me is how close the status bar items are to the edge of the phone. It will take time to get used to seeing information right to the edge of the device.

Having said that, I’m already greedily wishing for even less bezel on the edges. Bring that screen right up to the antenna, I say. Skip the black frame altogether.

And get me an iPhone SE-sized version of the X as soon as possible.

Still feels good to solve an issue I was having with code after several hours of pounding my head against the desk trying to figure it out. I thought that feeling would eventually go away, but evidently, it never gets old.

Watching so many of my friends freak out over their shipping notifications for iPhone X, worrying about possible delays, etc. I’m reminded why I always opt to pick up in store first thing in the morning. It’s no more than a minor inconvenience, and I’m always back home with my new phone hours before the delivery would have arrived.