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Finally got home to New York, which means I finally got a chance to download the for Mac beta. Signup process could not have been easier. Looks nice so far. This is very polished for a first beta.

Nice view of the new Michigan Ave Apple store from where I’m waiting for my boat tour.

I was concerned with the single stalk on my Rimowa handle that the Air Porter wouldn’t attach securely. But it’s firm structure holds it in place quite nicely. No flopping around as I wheel it around.

Very pleased with my new Air Porter from Waterfield Designs. Looking forward to writing up a full review. A lot of smart thinking went into this bag.

While visiting London, I found myself at a cafe called Harris + Hoole. They happen to have an app, so I decided to search for it on the App Store. I typed in “Hoole,” and the search reults were all for Google apps. I was confused, until I thought: “Perhaps Google is having a little fun with the similarity to Silicon Valley‘s Hooli? Or maybe Apple is?

Ducked into a nice bookstore cafe while caught in the London rain. Probably should have carried the umbrella today, but all my weather apps swore to me this morning the rain would be over by 10 am.

Stopped by an Apple store to see the new iPhone 8s. My immediate thought is that I’ll be getting the silver/white X. I’ve had a matte black 7plus for a year now, and I’ve been getting space grey laptops for a while. But it’s time to go back to white. The grey on the iPhone 8 really is grey, not black. It’s a nice dark color, but the white is the one to get.

My new Apple Watch is arriving tomorrow. So my series 2 Stainless Steel with White Sport band is for sale, if anyone is interested. I’lll cut you a good deal.

Say what you want about Apple’s customer service: I took my iPad Pro in today with a very subtle clicky noise when you squeezed the top of the screen. Sounded like maybe the seal wasn’t quite perfect. No functional problems beyond that. And they replaced the entire iPad, no questions asked.

I like that iPhone X’s stainless steel band is reminiscent of the original iPhone. Also, the white Phone with black face reminds me of the 3G/3Gs in a good way.

One of the things I’m hoping to learn on Tuesday (I’m avoiding spoilers—don’t tell me if you already know) is better choices for included bands with the new Apple Watch Series 3. Right now, the Stainless Steel Apple Watch only comes with either a Milanese Loop or a White Sport band. I have the White Sport, and I don’t necessarily want the Milanase Loop. I doubt they will sell the watch body without a strap (although that would be great). Hope they change it up and offer a Black Classic Buckle, a different-colored Sport, or even a few totally new choices.

After spending the bulk of my time the past few months working in Xcode, it was nice to spend a Saturday almost exclusively wireframing in Sketch.

Highly recommend “California Typewriter.” Nice documentary for anyone who appreciates craft and design, and the tactile.

Moved my micro posts over to Still feel like micro posts want to be separate from my main blog, but at the same time, I want them accessibile from my main domain.

Enjoying a summer brew before dinner tonight.

Somehow got it into my head that I couldn’t do Key-Value Store sync over iCloud between iOS and macOS versions of an app. Now that I know that can be done, iCloud sync for x2y on the Mac will be coming sooner than I expected.

I thought HBO’s Apple TV app was bad. Then I used Showtime’s.

Didn’t think I’d need a Genius Bar appointment just to replace a fauly one of these, but evidently, I do.

I am thrilled and relieved now that the details of this year’s Release Notes are public, and our tickets are on sale. So much anticipation, and our launch day didn’t disappoint. Half way to sold out in a single day. I’ll take it.

TIL there’s a wine shop inside Penn Station. Got myself a wonderful Tempranillo. So despite the A train being delayed, I’m enjoying my evening now.