Joe Cieplinski

I am unreasonably happy about the time in iPad status bar in iOS 12 no longer being centered. Not because it suggests a notch is in iPad’s future, but because it always looked ridiculous in a split view controller to have the time in the middle.

I just realized I’m installing Mojave (on a partition, with good multiple backups—don’t worry) before @DazeEnd has installed High Sierra.

Got a chance to go to the Park yesterday, while I was in town for WWDC. Happy Keynote Day, for those who celebrate.

Really jamming in the new Omnifocus. Tags are a game-changer for my workflow. I never ended up using context for anything useful. But tags are so much more flexible.

I really need to get some rest before the crazy begins on Sunday. This week has been no good for my sleep cycle. And next week is guaranteed to be worse.

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I’ve always been a big fan of Obscura. The new version 2, out today, is a big improvement over the original.…

One nice thing about being both the designer and the developer: When I catch myself adjusting autoLayout constants to set icons that aren’t quite centering properly, I can just switch to Sketch and adjust the images themselves instead.

New on the “big” blog: All demos are lies.…

Looks like I’m going to be making a short trip to San Francisco next week (from the 19th-27th). If anyone knows of any cool meetups, hangouts, etc. going on in the community, or if you just want to get together to chat, get in touch.

Also: I get way better battery life when I’m designing on my laptop than when I’m using Xcode. There has to be a way for Apple to improve that.

Today started as one of those days I didn’t think I could possibly get done everything I needed to get done. But I ended up making better progress than I anticipated. I’m chalking today up as a win.

Posting this from Icro. Nice job, @hartlco.

I’m usually not super-keen on remasters and remixes. But the new version of Big Big Train’s Far Skies, Deep Time is amazing.

And at long last, my Austin trip has come to a close. Thanks, everyone who made me feel so welcome. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting this town again.

When in Austin…

The fine folks at PhillyCocoa were nice enough to let me talk last month about my experiences working with @parrots on his latest version of Slopes for Apple Watch. And they posted a video.…

Very much looking forward to not only my first PeersConf, but my first visit to Austin. It’s one of those cities I’ve been meaning to check off my list for a very long time.

Got a bit lost in the woods today, but it turned out to be well worth the effort.

My only hesitency with going all-in with Drafts as a full-time notes app is that I keep my notes in (because I absolutely need my notes on all my devices, including Macs). Which means I’m going to have to ramp up pressure for him to make that Mac version.