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Steel Tree.

Unplanned stop in Baltimore for lunch today, on the way down to Alexandria. Four states in just over 3 hours of driving. Not bad.

The thing about getting an external keyboard for my iPad is now I’ve realized just how terrible my app x2y supports external keyboards. Just submitted a new version that not only handles tabs way better, but also adds several keyboard shortcuts.

Pleasantly surprised by how well the Magic Keyboard reconnects with the iPad after being turned off for an extended period. I thought that might be an issue, given past experience with Bluetooth devices sometimes being flaky in reconnecting.

I’ll repeat what I said to myself when they announced the iMac Pro this summer: I actually think it’s too much Mac for me. I’d take it, if you gave it to me. But I have no legitimate reason to buy it.

My Canopy has arrived. Looking forward to putting it through its paces. So far, it’s really solid.

And with that last post, I finally received my Daily Blogger pin. The last one I hadn’t yet achieved. (Gamification works.)

Woke up at 4am to the sound of pounding in the apartment below me. Like someone was hammering a nail into the wall. Still can’t decide if it was real, or if I dreamt it.

Typing longer pieces on my iPad + keyboard lately. But losing confidence and not publishing. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing to hear myself think; it’s not really about publishing so much as getting better clarity of thought. Maybe I should have a private journal, or something.

First snow in NYC today. Wet mess. I’m trying not to get too bent out of shape about it. The winter in general is definitely not my favorite time of year, but I’m trying to remind myself that the cold, while terrible, is not as bad as the muggy summer here.

I cannot understand why there aren’t a dozen more bars like Burp Castle in New York. If you want to actually have a conversation, or just hear yourself think, it’s one of the quietest spots you’ll find. Highly recommended.

Upgraded my Mac to 10.13.2 and my Personal Hotspot refused to work—even wired—until I rebooted my iPhone. Lovely.

New addition to the home office.

Now playing: Yes, The Ladder. Not my favorite Yes record, but some really great bass work on this one. Makes me miss Chris Squire that much more.…

I will be very curious to see how many more shows and movies I watch on Prime Video now that I can finally watch them without AirPlay on my Apple TV. I really hope the app doesn’t suck.

Spent a good part of my early evening fighting my own code, but all in all, I’ve done well this week so far. Way busier than I expected to be in December.

I wrote a thing today on my “big” blog about my use of the app Tally. Don’t usually cross-post, but I thought I’d share it here:…

I find myself choosing my leather and metal Apple Watch bands more in the colder months, whereas most of the summer, I end up leaning towards the sport and nylon bands. Just an observation.

Just installed Hue lights in a third room in my apartment. This HomeKit stuff is very addictive. Now, if someone would just make a door lock that was compatible with my door…

Debating getting an Apple Magic Keyboard to use exclusively with my iPad. I’ve always just typed right on the software keyboard, because I find that way easier than typing on any of the hardware keyboards designed specifically for iPad. But the Magic Keyboard is full-sized, which could be a big improvement. And the Studio Neat Canopy looks like a nice way to use the Magic Keyboard while standing the iPad up.