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I also finally get why the Recently Added section of the Music app on iOS is so prominent. I’m adding so many things to my library these days, it would be easy to forget some of them if they weren’t right there in front of me.

Apple Music hooked me up this morning with a playlist of songs featuring Brad Mehldau on piano that were not from his own albums. I never would have sought those tunes out on my own. I didn’t even know he’s played on that many people’s records as a session player. More and more, I’m seeing the value of this subscription thing.

Aloe plant.

Today’s mobile office.

I’m at a point where I’ve identified too many possible directions to go next, and I need to start narrowing my focus again. Feels good to find a number of things to be passionate about, but you can only float around in the ether for so long. Creation demands discipline.

That’s barista shorthand for Guatemalan Pour Over.

Even with the smaller target size, this change to x2y’s number pad on iPhone X will make for much better accuracy and natural feel in practice. Apple was right to leave the space below the keyboard mostly empty. The bottom edge of the screen is a poor target area for critical UI elements.

So far, I’m ending most days at around 50% charge on my iPhone X. So there goes worrying that battery life wouldn’t be as good as my 7 Plus.

When I have “down time” weeks like this one in my schedule, I don’t at all feel unproductive. I usually get overwhelmed at first with the option to work on essentially whatever I like, but I seldom waste the time. I try to pick easy wins and plug away. Whatever I get done, I try to be satisfied and consider it a win. Some things got done that otherwise wouldn’t have. Progress.

The new Beck is quite good. Already discovering quite a bit of music I probably would have otherwise overlooked thanks to Apple Music. I knew this was likely. But it’s good to have it confirmed.

Now that I’ve signed up for Apple Music finally, I’m very curious to see how good a job it does of learning my preferences. It sure is nice to try out albums and artists I’ve always liked but never quite got around to collecting.

Pro tip for cooks: If your menu doesn’t say that you add onions or chives to your eggs, don’t add onions or chives to your eggs. The same should be true for home fries, but that happens so often I’ve given up on that one.

Now that the Photo Challenge is over, I guess I have to go back to posting words again.

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