Joe Cieplinski

🎶 New album from Brad Mehldau is making me happy this afternoon:…

This weather (and Dark Room) can even make my crappy neighborhood look interesting.

I will also never cease appreciating @manton saving me from having to remember yet another password. I really wish everyone would do email authentication that way.

Between the new Halide update, its integration with Dark Room, and the new Sunlit, I may have a perfect new photos workflow.

I just released x2y for Mac 1.4. A fun little update that lets you change the default highlight color via Touch Bar or the Format menu. If I could do it all over again, a simple “light or dark, then choose a highlight color” would replace all my custom themes in the iOS version. SO much simpler this way.

Two things I love about working on small updates for x2y for Mac: 1) it’s one of my newer apps, so it was written after I had a much better idea of what I was doing, so there’s not nearly as much technical debt to manage. And 2) it’s my only personal Mac app, and I really like the opportunity to spend more time with AppKit.

Wasn’t planning on any sort of productive day, but managed to submit a quick update to x2y for Mac to allow customers to set a custom highlight color. Because not everyone likes blue. Besides, it gave me an excuse to learn how to use NSColorPanel and NSColorPickerTouchBarItem.

And yes, I do slightly regret that a piece I titled “The Power of the Pan” isn’t at least a little bit about bread. I must be slipping.

For Fin 4.6, I wanted to go back and fix an old pet-peeve of mine that I just wasn’t skilled enough to do correctly four years ago.…

Had a really great day, from a networking standpoint. Two different events where I met new interesting people. I’m exhausted, but I can’t say it wasn’t worth it.

I have a bit of a backlog of audio editing to do this week. Which means I get to spend more time than usual in Logic. Fun.

Sitting at the peak of a mountain in Killington, VT, I was never less excited to get a delivery notice for a new Apple product to my apartment in New York. The HomePod will have to wait until Monday when I get home. Hope everyone else enjoys theirs in the meantime.

There’s beer in my fridge, and I’m actually planning on watching the game tomorrow. That’s probably the most masculine statement I’ve made in a long time. 🏈

Apple Music knew to recommend the new Simple Minds album to me. So someone over there is earning their paycheck.

Whoah. Looks like the Eagles came to play today.

New on my blog: Some wearable challenges Apple faces.…

Portrait mode still misses the edges of objects, especially when hair is involved. But it’s so close to being great.

I’ve been Re-reading Melvyn Bragg’s The Adventure of English lately. Getting back in touch with the old grammar professor in me. 📚

Today is a good day to patronize the local businesses who managed to stay open despite the bombogenesis. And tip double. You know your barista/waiter/cook had a crap commute.

The timeline is definitely filling up at greater frequency over here in land. Nice to see the influx of activity.