Joe Cieplinski

One nice thing about being both the designer and the developer: When I catch myself adjusting autoLayout constants to set icons that aren’t quite centering properly, I can just switch to Sketch and adjust the images themselves instead.

New on the “big” blog: All demos are lies.…

Looks like I’m going to be making a short trip to San Francisco next week (from the 19th-27th). If anyone knows of any cool meetups, hangouts, etc. going on in the community, or if you just want to get together to chat, get in touch.

Also: I get way better battery life when I’m designing on my laptop than when I’m using Xcode. There has to be a way for Apple to improve that.

Today started as one of those days I didn’t think I could possibly get done everything I needed to get done. But I ended up making better progress than I anticipated. I’m chalking today up as a win.

Posting this from Icro. Nice job, @hartlco.

I’m usually not super-keen on remasters and remixes. But the new version of Big Big Train’s Far Skies, Deep Time is amazing.

And at long last, my Austin trip has come to a close. Thanks, everyone who made me feel so welcome. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting this town again.

When in Austin…

The fine folks at PhillyCocoa were nice enough to let me talk last month about my experiences working with @parrots on his latest version of Slopes for Apple Watch. And they posted a video.…

Very much looking forward to not only my first PeersConf, but my first visit to Austin. It’s one of those cities I’ve been meaning to check off my list for a very long time.

Got a bit lost in the woods today, but it turned out to be well worth the effort.

My only hesitency with going all-in with Drafts as a full-time notes app is that I keep my notes in (because I absolutely need my notes on all my devices, including Macs). Which means I’m going to have to ramp up pressure for him to make that Mac version.

So much good stuff going on with the new Drafts. @agiletortoise really sweated the details on this one. I think I may just be shifting some of my text workflow around.

New on my blog: I hope against all hope that Apple doesn’t turn the face of Apple Watch into a third-party disaster:…

It’s never a matter of a company producing products that don’t occasionally have issues. That’s literally impossible. It’s always about how the company handles those issues. And Apple has never, ever let me down in this regard.

Took my iPad Pro in with a screen issue where there was a bright spot of pixels that showed extra bright white on light backgrounds. Replaced without question. 2nd time in a year I’ve had an issue with this model of iPad Pro. Bad luck. Apple support continues to be excellent.

Invested in this little guy, with the hopes of starting to experiment more with an all-mobile audio short-form recording workflow. Now I just need a good idea for a microcast…

My maps are set to default directions to Transit. Yet Time to Leave in Calendar seems to always want me to drive my non-existent car.

Does macOS/iOS have no way to set Time To Leave reminders in Calendar to be based on Transit instead of driving? Can’t seem to find that anywhere.