Joe Cieplinski

I launched an app, then went a bit silent, for reasons. Forgive some shameless, slightly louder promotion now.

RECaf is now available on the App Store:…

At the library.

I wrote a thing on the blog about transferring a large iTunes library to a new iPhone. If you like having all your music locally stored, this may interest you:…

Days like today I’m very glad I inherited my Dad’s patience and my Mother’s sense of humor—and not the other way around.

RECaf is launching today. I’m posting here first. Might still be making its way across Apple’s servers, so if this link doesn’t work yet for you, try again soon.…

Tuesday Cafe

At this point, the only logical conclusion is that my reviewer pulled RECaf into their “queue” on Friday morning, then immediately went to the beach for a long weekend. (Submitted Thursday afternoon. Been “In Review” since Friday morning.)

Meanwhile several of the apps on my phone have had more than one update approved since Saturday.

I get that updates would get less scrutiny than new apps, maybe, but some sort of feedback would be helpful at this point. Since, you know, coordinating a launch day is sort of hard when you don’t know if launching is going to be possible.

A walk in the park.

Apple must be slipping. I’ve only received two emails so far this morning suggesting I order the phone I already ordered last night.

New Watch complications for RECaf completed. If I get rejected, I’ll add them to 1.0 before resubmitting. If not, I’ll ship them in a 1.1 early next week, before the new Watches ship.

Very odd that they seem to have ditched the Classic Buckle this season. One of the most versatile of the strap variations.

Of course, the most exciting announcement of the day: A forest green leather loop.

Also, home buttons suck.

Spending a lot of time testing In-app purchase stuff on my iPod Touch, and now my iPhone X suddenly feels gigantic again.

New on my big blog: Design considerations for shortcuts in RECaf: Surfacing Shortcuts

Spent some time this weekend adding a little alpha fade to indicate when views are scrollable. It’s nice to have time to get to these little details. But it would be nicer if scroll views had this already, at least as an option, given the lack of visible scroll bars.

From the Pacific Ocean a few days ago, to the Atlantic, off the coast of New Jersey.

It’s so humid here in Philly I can’t perform swipes on my phone. My fingers just get stuck on the glass.

That’s how you know you’ve traveled to a place that isn’t suitable for human habitation.

RECaf Beta testers: You’ll need to erase existing shortcuts if you created any before running this new version. I had a bug I could not work around any other way. One-time deal. Instructions (if you need them) will be in the TestFlight release notes.

Martin’s Beach, CA

Why the heck didn’t anyone tell me about MUTEMATH sooner? I’m looking at you, music recommenders. 🎵

I know the movie theater is suposed to be a communal experience, but what’s with people in a reserved-seat, mostly empty theater reserving the seats right next to me? Personal space, people. Try it sometime.

Yes, folks, there is indeed such a thing as caffeinated soap. I do not recommend you rob yourself of the pleasures of tea or coffee in order to get your fix this way, however. A9CA9C57-4519-4817-9027-B6A5AE8AAB38.jpg

On the bright side, time zones are working as expected in RECaf. 4C533385-E0D4-450B-8336-E99A7F9670B9.jpg

Lack of caffeine due to early flight, compounded by change in atmospheric pressure in Denver is leaving me feeling rather loopy. Not sure I can rebalance this one any time soon.