Joe Cieplinski

I have a bit of a backlog of audio editing to do this week. Which means I get to spend more time than usual in Logic. Fun.

Sitting at the peak of a mountain in Killington, VT, I was never less excited to get a delivery notice for a new Apple product to my apartment in New York. The HomePod will have to wait until Monday when I get home. Hope everyone else enjoys theirs in the meantime.

There’s beer in my fridge, and I’m actually planning on watching the game tomorrow. That’s probably the most masculine statement I’ve made in a long time. 🏈

Apple Music knew to recommend the new Simple Minds album to me. So someone over there is earning their paycheck.

Whoah. Looks like the Eagles came to play today.

New on my blog: Some wearable challenges Apple faces.…

Portrait mode still misses the edges of objects, especially when hair is involved. But it’s so close to being great.

I’ve been Re-reading Melvyn Bragg’s The Adventure of English lately. Getting back in touch with the old grammar professor in me. 📚

Today is a good day to patronize the local businesses who managed to stay open despite the bombogenesis. And tip double. You know your barista/waiter/cook had a crap commute.

The timeline is definitely filling up at greater frequency over here in land. Nice to see the influx of activity.

My only complaint on the Eero: not enough ethernet ports on the main unit. Had to get a switch to add more ports for all my wired devices.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with Eero so far. Easiest WiFi setup I’ve ever done by far. Seems to cover my apartment better than my previous Airport/Airport Express setup. It’s only been a day, though. Let’s see if it will be more reliable than my old setup has been lately.

My new jam is running Photoshop and Sketch simultaneously. Image cropping and touch-ups in PS, then over to Sketch for layout, basic vectors, easy exports.

You don’t have to kill the 500-lb gorilla to succeed. You just have to find a space in people’s workflow.

When I think of most of my favorite musicians, long-term, they defy description by simple labels like pop, rock, prog, jazz, and so on. They explore various forms and styles over a lifetime.

“To me, it’s just the music you like, and the music you don’t.” - Steven Wilson

New on my blog: I weigh in on Marzipan. It’s still just a rumor, but I’m excited about the possibilities, even if there are downsides.…

My one day per year exception to playing Christmas music in the house. Have a good one, everyone.

TIL the Hanon Exercises are now available online, and that makes me very happy. I had this book as a teenager taking piano lessons, and found it invaluable.…

Got my ticket to Peersconf 2018 in Austin. Hope to see some folks while I’m in town.

Love the new icon, @manton.