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For some reason, I have Steely Dan’s Bodhisattva stuck in my head today. iTunes Link

I told myself this morning, when nothing was going according to plan, that if I just manage to fix this one bug, I’ll be fine with the other five not getting fixed today. And that one bug has been resolved, so it’s all bonus from here on in today.

The good news: I finally tracked down the cause of a bug that was eluding me for weeks.

The bad news: There’s no easy way to fix it without rethinking the entire way this feature works.

And that’s not meaning any disrespect to the original mixes. I just think a lot of older albums suffered in the transition to digital, so going back to them now and rethinking the approach can reap amazing rewards.

Listening to the Steven Wilson remixes of Yes this morning. Amazing what modern equipment, Wilson’s ears and skills, and a reverence for the source material can do. So much clarity. I’m hearing parts I’ve never heard before, and I’ve been listening to these tunes for more than 20 years.

Finally got around to building my first small web site with CSS Grid. It was a simple layout, but it was soooo much easier to accomplish what I wanted.

Came to the realization today that there’s some time zone math in my near future.

Left the laptop at home and just brought the iPad to the cafe this afternoon. Banged out 3,700 words, according to Ulysses. Nothing I can publish just yet, but it felt good to catch up on writing of any kind.

I love catching my own bugs long before anyone else sees them.

After banging my head against the wall at full steam and getting nowhere yesterday, I took a few steps back today, worked on some unreleated things, and stepped back into the problem more methodically and in small chunks. Not fixed yet, but making progress. Need to remember this for future reference.

I’ve been neglecting my writing lately, because I’m knee deep in code lately. I do want to pick back up soon, though. Lots of ideas for series of posts.

It’s been way too long since I’ve listened to Alice In Chains’ self-titled album. Alice in Chains

“Tell the Moon-Dog, Tell the March Hare.”

I seriously can’t wait for the rest of this concert footage to be released. One of the best live shows I’ve ever had the chance to witness. Big Big Train: Swan Hunter, live at Cadogan Hall, 2017. Youtube video

I am so looking forward to this entire show being released. One of the best live performances I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend. Big Big Train: Swan Hunter, live at Cadogan Hall, 2017.

Vapor Trails remains one of the most underrated Rush albums. That 5/4 syncopated guitar riff over Neil’s steady 4/4 kick snare pattern in Freeze gets me every time.…

I used to run into this problem when writing music, too. I’d have a new idea to record, and I’d sit there at the new file dialog, trying to figure out what I wanted to call the song, rather than just calling it anything and capturing the idea. Later, I started to allow myself just just call every new song “Untitled Idea X.” But most of those tunes ended up never getting a name as a result.

Stuck for several minutes now on what to call a new object. Naming things well still remains one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me in programming. Sometimes it’s just super obvious. Other times nothing seems appropriate.

The mantra I keep repeating while working on this latest side project app is “If I do this right, people should almost never have to launch it.” I think that’s where the whole industry is going, frankly.

I am unreasonably happy about the time in iPad status bar in iOS 12 no longer being centered. Not because it suggests a notch is in iPad’s future, but because it always looked ridiculous in a split view controller to have the time in the middle.

I just realized I’m installing Mojave (on a partition, with good multiple backups—don’t worry) before @DazeEnd has installed High Sierra.

Got a chance to go to the Park yesterday, while I was in town for WWDC. Happy Keynote Day, for those who celebrate.

Really jamming in the new Omnifocus. Tags are a game-changer for my workflow. I never ended up using context for anything useful. But tags are so much more flexible.

I really need to get some rest before the crazy begins on Sunday. This week has been no good for my sleep cycle. And next week is guaranteed to be worse.

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