Joe Cieplinski

Red pepper, salt, garlic shakers on restaurant table.

If there are any Thrill Seekers here who also happen to be RECaf users: I have a thing for you (waiting for approval now) to fix that annoying crashing on launch. Get in touch if you want to join my TestFlight.

This week’s track comes from The Great White North. (As so much great music tends to.)

The Weekly Listen: “Miracle - Run the Red Light 🎵🎙”…

If Aliens were to reach Earth, then watch this video, they’d keep flying and make a note to come back after we’ve had more time to evolve:

Looking up at modern apartment building in Brooklyn.

Middle tower of Philadelphia city hall, statue of William Penn on top.

Overlooking Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.

One World Trade Center with trees in foreground.

Today on @theWeeklyListen, I dive into Esperanza’s Spalding’s Radio Song. Mixing it up with a little prog-funk-jazz today. Hope you all enjoy.

The Weekly Listen - Radio Song, by Esperanza Spalding

The Moon through a telescope.

Landscape of the San Jose valley area with blue sky.

This week on @theWeeklyListen, I talk about The Dear Hunter, with a favorite track of mine, The Old Haunt.

I’d love to hear what people think of the song.

The Weekly Listen Episode 2

Wooden table top.

These turned out even more adorable than expected.

Round stickers with RECaf logo.

Notes on the workflow for @theweeklylisten: Recorded with iPhone using Shure MV88. Edited in Ferrite on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Show notes composed in Drafts. Published with Wavelength. No Mac involved. handles all hosting and publishing to the feed. Super simple. This has to be the easiest way to get a podcast going. Thanks to @manton on making this all just work.

I finally managed to get my microcast going. Read about @theweeklylisten here. 🎵🎙

The Weekly Listen - a Microcast

All the pieces finally came together for my microcast. Special thanks to @apulianas for helping me with the concept.

It’s called the Weekly Listen. Every week, I’ll talk about a track I’m listening to from my music library. Links will be in the show notes to Spotify and Apple Music so you can check out the music for yourself. Then, we can discuss here on

Subscribe in iTunes or your podcatcher of choice, and follow @theweeklylisten.

The first episode talks about one of my all-time favorites: East Coast Raser, by Big Big Train.

The Weekly Listen: “East Coast Racer - Big Big Train 🎵🎙”

Didn’t need to let me know that one. But okay.

Do Not Drink This Water Sign.

I am really enjoying editing audio on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Ferrite. People who think a touch-based OS is not suited for professional tasks baffle me. Sure, not all professions lend themselves to touch, but creative work? It’s a no-brainer.

Trees and blue sky.

Rail on the balcony with blurred lit stage in background.

Electric Piano keys.

Concrete floor with cracks.

Brick wall.

Really happy with how these transitions are shaping up. Now I just have to actually figure out what I want in the views themselves.