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New on the “big”blog: Some impressions of the new iPad, now that I’ve traveled with it for a week.…


Squib Cakes from Tower of Power. Still the ultimate funk song. Squib Cakes

A little Singleton Scotch and some Marvin Gaye to start off the evening. Because I need the distraction before the inevitable onslaught of emotional ups and downs tonight. 960B6E48-8592-450C-AC92-E1CB2C78A6B8.jpg

Interesting lessons learned during this process: You can put an Apple Watch in an iPhone screenshot. You can stretch a screenshot across two screenshots. But don’t try to put a phone with a notch in a 5.5-inch screenshot. (These are shown to iPhone 6, 7, 8 and Plus variants.)

Very happy with my new screenshots for RECaf. Now to see if they have any impact on downloads… 8F077158-6B02-4EEB-AB9B-FA63D5D52206.jpg E26B7503-1476-4764-AAD4-4CCFCB8ED9CB.jpg 0773A166-3CDA-47A2-8915-6B56DD33905E.jpg

Two songs into the new Haken album, and I already love it. So glad some people are out there still challenging my ears and brain.

New on my blog: A thought (not a prediction) regarding Face ID on an iPad:…

Okay. I think I could see myself actually living at this castle. (Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania)

“Oh, you already gave me a t-shirt yesterday, so I have one.”

“A man has two shirts. This is not a problem, no?”

My favorite exchange in Romania so far.

Târgovişte Sunset

If you work on Mac apps (or you want a jumpstart on Dark Mode support for iOS, which will come soon) @danielpunkass has a great series going. I wish these were around when I was doing Dark Mode for x2y a few weeks ago.…

RECaf 1.1 is now available on the App Store. Some new Siri Shortcuts for check in on your day. More info on my blog:…

New on my blog: Apple Watch Series 4 is an amazing piece of hardware. Now Apple just needs to reinvest in designing new watch faces.…

IntentsUI Extensions, FTW!

This is coming together nicely now. AE009CD5-E3AD-4A03-A21D-2F1BE2340AD1.jpg

I think these will come in handy.

x2y for Mac has always had a dark theme option. But soon you’ll be able to match theme to the system if you wish. Given the app is often used in coordination with apps like Photoshop and Final Cut, I felt it best to still allow customers to go dark in light mode and vice versa.

Taking advantage of one of only a handful of days each year in New York that you can actually sit and work outside. Amazing weather today.

I sat down for 74 minutes today and listened to an album. (The Dear Hunter’s Act IV.) No Twitter. No checking email. Just turned the lights off, put the headphones on, and listened with my eyes closed. I used to do that for hours every day. I want to get back to that.

I forgot how amazing Alex Lifeson’s guitar solo on Between the Wheels is. With a career full of great solos, that one has to be in his top five.

A lot can be gained by starting with the assumption that others are as smart as you are. Sometimes you’ll learn otherwise. Most of the time, you’ll avoid putting your foot in your mouth.

If you’ve spent all of 30 seconds thinking about a problem and assume you have a better solution than a person who has probably spent weeks thinking on the same problem, maybe take another 30 seconds to entertain the idea that there’s more to it than you realize.