Joe Cieplinski

Black and white view looking up at a tree.

Closeup of sick tree painted blue with medicine.

This week, I dive into Simple Minds’ Stay Visible. I love this track.…

Wow. Barely 300mg of caffeine today, and I’m a jittery mess. This used to be below-average daily intake for me. Amazing how fast you lose your tolerance for these things.

Landscape view of trees and mountain, with nearly full moon at twilight.

Footprints in dusty rock path, black and white.

A young buck in the distance framed between two trees.

On the latest Weekly Listen: Sarah McLachlan’s Train Wreck. This song just speaks to me.

The Weekly Listen: “Train Wreck - Sarah McLachlan 🎵🎙”…

Siamese Firefighter water valve.

Finally got around to adding the excellent Microgram extension to my So now I have a proper page with all my photos.

Looking up at One World Trade center, and two other buildings, from across the street, with cloudy sky.

Evening view of One World Trade Center from north west.

This week, I tackle Haken’s Lapse, from their Affinity Album.

The Weekly Listen: “Lapse - Haken 🎵🎙”…

Facing upward at a tree and some buildings in the distance.

Mid-afternoon summer hail storm yesterday in New York. I was expecting Locusts next.

The California watch face is definitely my new jam.

Apple Watch on wrist with California watch face, showing 2:53 pm.

This week, I talk about one of my favorite guitar riffs of all time, from King’s X. 🎵 🎙…

Red pepper, salt, garlic shakers on restaurant table.

If there are any Thrill Seekers here who also happen to be RECaf users: I have a thing for you (waiting for approval now) to fix that annoying crashing on launch. Get in touch if you want to join my TestFlight.

This week’s track comes from The Great White North. (As so much great music tends to.)

The Weekly Listen: “Miracle - Run the Red Light 🎵🎙”…

If Aliens were to reach Earth, then watch this video, they’d keep flying and make a note to come back after we’ve had more time to evolve:

Looking up at modern apartment building in Brooklyn.

Middle tower of Philadelphia city hall, statue of William Penn on top.

Overlooking Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.

One World Trade Center with trees in foreground.