Joe Cieplinski

The way I see it, this so called “National Emergency” is nothing more than our President stealing our money and using it for his re-election campaign.

Also, I love to hear how pianists interpret some of Vai’s crazy antics on guitar, given the differences between how you can express yourself on those two very different instruments.

Just realized Steve Vai has released Volume 2 of his Piano Reductions series, with Miho Arai on piano this time. Don’t know how I missed that. Incredible to listen to these songs in their purest, solo instrumental form. Reminds me just how good a composer Vai actually is.

Every time I take my iPad out to the cafe instead of my laptop to encourage myself to get some writing done, I’m reminded that if I were primarily a writer, there’s no doubt in my mind I’d be using iOS full time by now.

Dark Mode is looking nice on the Mac for The list of remaining unsupported apps gets even shorter.

Now, if I could just have a chat with the folks at Adobe and the folks at Apple working on Logic…

Big announcement day for Release Notes: We’re doing the conference again in 2019. And we’ve got a new location: Save the Date

Been too long since I’ve listened to King’s X, Ear Candy. Fixing that now.

Weekends for me are not so much “I’m not working” as they are “I’m working in a different app than usual.”

I’ve said it before, but I really can’t stress enough how much of a musical masterpiece “Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise” by The Dear Hunter is. Just a perfect album. 🎵

First flight for 2019 booked. I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy travel year for me.

I gifted Jessica a copy of Carrot Weather.

“It just called me a meatbag.”

“Yeah. It does that.”

More excited than I would expect to be about a new blazer that arrived today. New York’s more formal sense of fashion is finally rubbing off on me, I guess.

Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to listening to Between the Buried and Me’s Automata II. I had only listened to part 1 up to this point. Wow. Mind-blowing musicianship going on there. cc: @muncman.

I wonder if they’ve changed something in the anodization process, or the aluminum has changed somehow.

One thing I’ve noticed about my 2018 MacBook Pro: Not only has the keyboard been 100% reliable, but the palm rest and the trackpad seem to be holding up better to the oils in my hands. By now, I usually have a big “spot” on my trackpad, and the palm rests are discolored. But that hasn’t happened to this machine yet. Still looks new.

Two things that were fun about adding Shortcuts to Fin. First, I had to navigate the API in Objective-C. Second, I used NSUserActivity instead of Intents, since I’m just launching the app in a certain state on trigger.

Got to this later than I wanted to, but my timer app Fin now has Siri Shortcut support. Launch your most used timers with your voice! (Hey, Siri, Podcast Timer.)…

New on my blog: Designing for thumbs in an era of ever-increasing screen size.…

Doing my annual viewing of The Apartment. Which is the closest thing to a Christmas tradition that I have.

Today’s office. Every time I wonder why I still live in New York, I remind myself that this place is quiet, has great WiFi, and is available to me for free. (Public Libraries, FTW.)

Finally getting around to adding Siri shortcuts to Fin. It’s fun to figure out how to do a new Apple API in Objective-C these days. Even sparser documentation than with Swift, and very few examples from others you can examine.

Also, if you’re going to have a few tins where you dump your loose change, the designated household change sorter will appreciate you not throwing screws, dead batteries, old micro-sim cards, paper clips, used batteries, and other assorted nonsense in the same tins.

Sorted and wrapped $101.50 in loose change from around the apartment, and I only have one thought: “Man, coins are disgusting.” My hands haven’t felt this grimy in years.