Joe Cieplinski

Snowy scene outside office window.

Grocery Store Vegetable scale.

Owl statue, black and white.

Boulder, CO 11:52 MDT October 14, 2020. #adayinthelife. A Day In The Life 11:57 am

New on my blog today: I have a theory about the Solo Loop bands from Apple. And is has nothing to do with watches.…

Pretty pleased with how my widgets turned out for RECaf in iOS 14. (And yes, if I’m working on iOS 14 stuff, finally, that means my last big iOS 13 update with sleep analysis must be finished. Be on the lookout for that, shipping this Tuesday.)

Small RECaf widget. Items and total mg. Medium RECaf widget. Items, mg, and time since last log. Large REacaf widget. Links to frequent sources, items, mg, and time elapsed since last log.

Rocks, Black and White. Blurred trees.

Rocks balanced on each other.

Black cat sits on picnic table.

Wooden TV tray table in living room.

Small pine cone atop Mac mini.

Black and White

Wheel with black tire, white car.

Black Lives Matter spray painted on wall beside a creek


VW Bug through chain link fence.


Twigs floating in a puddle between two stones.


Congrats to @manton and @cheesemaker on the Sunlit 3 beta. Working great so far.

Cat toy stick wood ball on a string.

Young tree against a clouded but blue sky.

A peek through some trees at a path and blue sky.

Black and white stem of a plant closeup.

Looking up at a blue sky, framed by trees.

A lot of folks are suggesting Apple doesn’t need to do a live WWDC anymore. I disagree.…

We had so much fun at the last Release Notes Happy Hour, we’ve decided to do it again. This time, since it’s WWDC season, we’re going to be chatting about the latest announcements, how they will impact our businesses, etc. Wednesday, June 24th, at 7 pm Eastern. Free registration here:…

New on my blog: Dave Mark points out a buried privacy page on HBO Max, and it’s a doozy.…