Joe Cieplinski

Stone statues at the pyramid of the sun.

Beautiful clouded sky and meadow in Mexico.

Aztec Jaguar Sculpture.

Stone wall, outside Mexico City.

Dog looking out over the valley from the top of a pyramid in Mexico City.

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.

The meetup at Release Notes is underway. Epic turnout.

Apple's 5th Avenue Store Glass Cube.

Looking up at a building on the left, spikes of the oculus on the right.

On today’s episode of @theWeeklyListen, I talk about a track I couldn’t actually find on Spotify or Apple Music, surprisingly. Luckily, you can find the entire album on YouTube.… 🎙🎵

One World Trade Center, in Black and White.

Wooden kitchen table closeup.

Plants on a windowsill.

I think I’m going to enjoy Portrait Mode at 1x more than the ultra wide angle lens on this new phone.

Post from the fountain at Washington Square Park, with arch blurred in background.

I had some concerns about the Titanium Apple Watch not matching my stainless steel link bracelet, or my several other bands with stainless steel lugs. But I’m not too concerned now. The look of the titanium is growing on me.

Today on @theWeeklyListen, Alice In Chains’ I Stay Away. From the first EP ever to debut on the Billboard top 200: Jar of Flies.…

This @theWeeklyListen I talk about an old favorite of mine: Steve Morse’s Tumeni Notes:…

This week, the Flower Kings: Monkey Business. 🎙🎵

The Weekly Listen Episode 15

Today on my big blog, I find a workaround to a pesky SwiftUI limitation that just might make it possible to ship the RECaf watch update I want to in a few weeks.…

On @theweeklylisten this week, I dive into Emm Gryner’s Phone Call 45.

The Weekly Listen #14

Black and White flip flops on the sand, ocen in the background.

Paw prints in the sand.

This week, I revisit one of my “desert island” albums with Pat Metheny’s track Finding and Believing. 🎵🎙…

Closeup of a bee pollenating a flower.