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Two things that were fun about adding Shortcuts to Fin. First, I had to navigate the API in Objective-C. Second, I used NSUserActivity instead of Intents, since I’m just launching the app in a certain state on trigger.

Got to this later than I wanted to, but my timer app Fin now has Siri Shortcut support. Launch your most used timers with your voice! (Hey, Siri, Podcast Timer.)…

New on my blog: Designing for thumbs in an era of ever-increasing screen size.…

Doing my annual viewing of The Apartment. Which is the closest thing to a Christmas tradition that I have.

Today’s office. Every time I wonder why I still live in New York, I remind myself that this place is quiet, has great WiFi, and is available to me for free. (Public Libraries, FTW.)

Finally getting around to adding Siri shortcuts to Fin. It’s fun to figure out how to do a new Apple API in Objective-C these days. Even sparser documentation than with Swift, and very few examples from others you can examine.

Also, if you’re going to have a few tins where you dump your loose change, the designated household change sorter will appreciate you not throwing screws, dead batteries, old micro-sim cards, paper clips, used batteries, and other assorted nonsense in the same tins.

Sorted and wrapped $101.50 in loose change from around the apartment, and I only have one thought: “Man, coins are disgusting.” My hands haven’t felt this grimy in years.

Great show by Steven Wilson and his band last night in Philly.

Today Widget redesign is going well, I think.

New on my blog: Apple may not make finding subscription management settings easy, but app developers can help point their customers in the right direction.…

That thing where you’ve already added two new features since submitting a beta to TestFlight that’s STILL waiting for review four days later.

Of course, it is Thanksgiving weekend, so I suppose I should cut the App Review team some slack on this one.

Today I’m thankful for the incredible music that’s come into my life over the years. Particularly this year. At the moment, I’m listening to Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly: Friendship.


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Squib Cakes from Tower of Power. Still the ultimate funk song. Squib Cakes

A little Singleton Scotch and some Marvin Gaye to start off the evening. Because I need the distraction before the inevitable onslaught of emotional ups and downs tonight. 960B6E48-8592-450C-AC92-E1CB2C78A6B8.jpg

Interesting lessons learned during this process: You can put an Apple Watch in an iPhone screenshot. You can stretch a screenshot across two screenshots. But don’t try to put a phone with a notch in a 5.5-inch screenshot. (These are shown to iPhone 6, 7, 8 and Plus variants.)

Very happy with my new screenshots for RECaf. Now to see if they have any impact on downloads… 8F077158-6B02-4EEB-AB9B-FA63D5D52206.jpg E26B7503-1476-4764-AAD4-4CCFCB8ED9CB.jpg 0773A166-3CDA-47A2-8915-6B56DD33905E.jpg

Two songs into the new Haken album, and I already love it. So glad some people are out there still challenging my ears and brain.

New on my blog: A thought (not a prediction) regarding Face ID on an iPad:…

Okay. I think I could see myself actually living at this castle. (Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania)