Joe Cieplinski

Flat Iron Mountains and blue sky.

Black and white shot of Boulder Creek in early Spring.

Pine tree on a high mountain with blue sky.

Creek and small bridge in Boulder, CO.

Succulent in a small pot on a table.

Traffic light against a cloudy sky

Black Cat basking in the sun.

Just about everything sounds good through my stereo paired HomePods, but live jazz records, like Chick Corea Akoustic Band, Alive, sound as if the performers are actually playing in my living room. Insanely good.

Inwood Hill Park, at the northernmost tip of Manhattan

Winter scene of creek and bare trees.

Small metal statue of a baby buffalo, with a light dusting of snow.

There are too many candidates for my favorite new album of the year 2019, but Leprous’ Pitfalls has to be up there in the top 5.

Looking straight up at a Hemlock tree, with grey skies.

Now listening to Opeth’s In Cauda Venenum. I think @muncman has finally made me a fan of this band.

Congrats to @danielpunkass on shipping Black Ink 2.0. Insta-buy for me.…

Spent a good deal of time this weekend touring parts of Central Park, with the city’s urban rangers as guides. Gives you a whole new appreciation for how much design goes into every aspect of the park’s planning, and how that design is still ongoing.

If I were clever, I would have figured out a way to integrate all my posts for mbnov into some cool message that was revealed only when you read them all backwards, or something. But I’m not clever.


Hope folks had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I certainly did.


Great view of Venus right now, just below the crescent Moon. With Jupiter and Saturn both close by as well.

Inwood Park, Manhattan. Late fall trees with sun peeking through.

I like to check in on property values in my old stamping grounds of San Francisco now and then, just for fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll want to move back there someday? Looking at it now, I’d say someday is still a ways off.


The older I get, the less I need to be to be happy. If I could make enough money to get myself a private olympic-sized swimming pool, that would be about enough for me. So however rich that is, that’s my new long-term goal.


Since music software gets broken over time with OS and plugin updates, I was excited to find an old Logic project I made over a decade ago worked (with a few exceptions I can work around). I may be able to redo the mix for a few songs I like but never pleased me.


Found out this morning that one missing “s” from an http in a css file background image call led to my RECaf website reporting a warning to browsers for months that the site is not secure. Oops.


Lower East Side street, One World Trade Center in the distance at Sunset.