Joe Cieplinski

Today I cover Better Than Ezra’s King of New Orleans on @theWeeklyListen. 🎵🎙…

Okay, this SwiftUI stuff is kinda fun. The tools are buggy as can be, but the end result is pretty cool.

A little late to the game, but the new Aristocrats album is wonderful. So much musical insanity going on. 🎵

Today’s episode of @theWeeklyListen features my favorite song by The Police: Synchronicity II.…

Relaxation. @macgenie

Black and white park bench.

Movement. @macgenie

Subway moving in front of stairway guardrail.

Patience. @macgenie

Don't Walk Traffic signal.

Looking upward at a large skyscraper, black and white.

Round open doors button.

Today on @theWeeklyListen, I talk about Rush (finally).

The Weekly Listen Episode 10

Painted, faded crosswalk lines on a city street.

Close-up black and white tree trunk with many branches.

White flowers amongst green blades of grass.

Yellow street light before a foggy, grey blue sky, with tree, at dusk.

Black and white agave plant.

New on @theWeeklyListen: First Regret/ Three Years Older. The opening track from Steven Wilson’s epic 2015 concept album, Hand. Cannot. Erase.

The Weekly Listen Episode 9

New on @theWeeklyListen, Steven Wilson’s Epic First Regret / Three Years Older. The opening track from Wilson’s masterpiece concept album from 2015.

The Weekly Listen Episode 9

Looking up at a blue San Francisco sky with the Sales Force tower and another skyscraper. Tree on the left foreground.

Close up of bicycle gears and sprockets from a sculpture.

Rockin’ the appropriate watch face today.

Apple Watch with Moon watch face.

Black and white view looking up at a tree.

Closeup of sick tree painted blue with medicine.

This week, I dive into Simple Minds’ Stay Visible. I love this track.…

Wow. Barely 300mg of caffeine today, and I’m a jittery mess. This used to be below-average daily intake for me. Amazing how fast you lose your tolerance for these things.

Landscape view of trees and mountain, with nearly full moon at twilight.