Joe Cieplinski

Ornate stone column, black and white.

Castle walls. Light clouds. Black and white.

Two female peacocks on a stone wall with clear blue sky

Looking upward at a cathedral ceiling.

Speedform of Lucid Air in stainless steel on wooden desk with bass guitar hanging on a distant wall.

Turtles resting on a rock in a pond. Black and White.

Black and white bare tree with clouds and distant mountains.

I feel like the Xcode and watchOS software teams need to go out for beers a lot more often. Here we are about to hit watchOS 10 in a few months, and it’s still utterly terrible trying to debug watchOS apps on device.

Don’t know what impresses me more; that I managed to nail the Paper Plane cocktail on my first try, or that I remembered how to make an actual paper airplane.

Wow. Tim Cook just voluntarily lowered his own salary by 40%. Shareholders suggested he was making too much, and he agreed.

There’s something you don’t see every day.

Went a bit overboard on the caffeine today. (Not recommended.)

RECaf widget showing 4 items and 415.6 mg of caffeine.

“If you bought a MacBook laptop sold between 2015 and 2019 equipped with a ‘Butterfly’ keyboard…”

Um, I think I may have actually purchased 4 or 5. This might turn into some serious money.

Even though we went from -25 up to 60 in less than a week, it looks like next week we’ll be dropping back down and getting that super-exciting weather everyone loves: THUNDERSNOW!

Gotta love Boulder.

Monday weather forecast. Thunderstorms and snow.

Happy Boxing Day to my friends abroad, from a dumb Yank who once thought it was a sport-related holiday.

I saw a moose today. That is all.

Do I want to even bother figuring out what a Nepo Baby is?

Nah, I think I’ll be fine passing on that one.

Might have to skip my morning outdoor swim on Thursday morning.

First rule of social media: Don’t tell other people how to social media.

Have to hand it to France. Spent much of the early game looking like they didn’t even want to be playing. But turned it around and fought like hell to stay in it from that point. Happy for Argentina and Messi, but France deserves all the credit for keeping it interesting.

One of the best matches I’ve ever watched.

Well, didn’t see that coming. (World Cup.)

Great. Now the Hollywood Reporter has picked up on the weird trend on YouTube of “Explaining” the ending of TV shows (in this case, White Lotus). Has there been a massive decline in reading and viewing comprehension that requires people who have just watched a show to have the plot explained to them? I just saw the thing. I know what happened.

It would be one thing if there were some sort of critical analysis to go with it. But these videos and articles are literally just regurgitating the plot point by point. Do people actually find that necessary?

It’s White Lotus. Not Inception.…