Joe Cieplinski

Congrats to @manton on launching teams for Great feature.

Stone atop boulders, black and white.

Hung some acoustic panels in the office/home studio yesterday, which will make recordings sound great.

Bonus: now my HomePod sounds even better than it already did. F4913453-0EE7-48C4-8DA1-AA90F7C6F6E6.jpg

Pine tree, black and white, blue tint

So March felt like three years, but April flew by in a day. Iā€™m losing all sense of time, here.

Pine trees and blue sky atop a mountain.

High tension wires, black and white, cloudy sky

Rocks along a creek.

Small rabbit by a road.

Snow-covered trees and a bleak sky.

Snow covered trees along Boulder Creek. Sun poking through grey sky.

Pine tree branches obscuring wintery scene.

Snow-covered pine trees.

Natural stone formation with trees, black and white.

Boulder Creek in the evening.

Flat Iron Mountains and blue sky.

Black and white shot of Boulder Creek in early Spring.

Pine tree on a high mountain with blue sky.

Creek and small bridge in Boulder, CO.

Succulent in a small pot on a table.

Traffic light against a cloudy sky

Black Cat basking in the sun.

Just about everything sounds good through my stereo paired HomePods, but live jazz records, like Chick Corea Akoustic Band, Alive, sound as if the performers are actually playing in my living room. Insanely good.

Inwood Hill Park, at the northernmost tip of Manhattan

Winter scene of creek and bare trees.