Joe Cieplinski

Close up of yellow rose

Creek running through canyon with fall trees.

Black and White canyon with clear sky.

El Dorado Canyon. Fall trees. Blue sky.

Wster flowing over rocks.

Aspens in fall colors over rolling hills.

Yellow-leafed fall Aspen against a blue sky.

Yellow Aspens and Green Pines against a gray sky.

Young tree trunk close up, Black and White.

Stone along a creek bed. Black and White.

Stones by a creek. Black and White.

Abstract of stone table top with intense saturation

Tabletop tiles in green and blue

Black cat stares into the camera.

Looking up through a tree to a blue sky.

Rocks and sand, black and white.

Yesterday I got an interesting pizza request: Light parmesan, red peppers, and pine nuts. And then fresh mozzarella and prosciutto on one half only. Ended up with a very interesting look.

Pizza on counter with cheese grater, other items.

Got a request for pesto pizza for the first time tonight. With home made pesto from my neighbor, red bell peppers, Parmesan, and half mozzarella. I like the leopard spotting Iā€™m getting here.

All reports were that it was tasty.

Pizza with pesto, bell peppers.

Iced coffee with cream on granite table.

Evening trees before a cloudy sky, black and white.