Joe Cieplinski

After months of playing whack-a-mole with several bugs in one of my apps, it’s possible I’ve finally gotten it stable enough to be shippable. #mbnov

I think I may need an intervention to end my dependence on fizzy water. #mbnov

Looks like I will be getting on the Apple Silicon train even earlier than expected. My M1 MacBook Pro is out for delivery today. #mbnov

Now I know why I had no memory of posting today. I forgot to do it this morning. #mbnov

So far, I’ve managed to keep up with the daily postings for this month’s challenge. Half the month down, half to go. #mbnov

Raindrops on a car windshield.

I often wonder about the seasonality of a word like “spooky.” I imagine there’s quite a drop off in its use every November. #mbnov

I knew I was going to like the iPhone mini. I didn’t guess that I’d like it this much. #mbnov

As I wear the same three sweaters week after week, I’m reminded I should probably do some proper winter clothes shopping, now that I live in a place with much longer cold spells. #mbnov

It will be very interesting to see what folks have to say about the new M1 chip once those new Macs start to ship. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on one. #mbnov

My elderly cat sometimes puts me to shame with his spry energy. Had to coax him down from a tree a few days ago, despite him being over 18 years old. #mbnov

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss being able to force press on my iPhone keyboard to move the cursor. #mbnov

If I ever hope to ship this next update, I need to set a deadline. If I bind myself to a particular date, however arbitrary, I’m much more likely to be motivated. #mbnov

It is nice to once again inflate my sense of optimism for the future. Even if only for a little while. #mbnov

Seeing a lot of folks surprised by this or that turn in this election. But I’ve found none of it puzzling. Seems to be playing out exactly as predicted. #mbnov

Sometimes it’s hard not to stoop to someone’s level during arguments. Holding the high ground is getting harder every year. #nbnov

Ugh. Clearly we are nowhere near knowing the full results of this thing yet. Strap in for a multi-day emotional roller coaster. #nbnov

Not really hoping for anything that might astonish in tonight’s results. I remember all too well that sinking feeling as the night progressed four years ago. #mbnov

It may be a bit of a challenge to concentrate on my work this week, but I plan to give it my best effort. #mbnov

Preparing myself for what could end up being a very dreary week. Hoping for the best; preparing for the worst. #mbnov

Snowy scene outside office window.

Grocery Store Vegetable scale.

Owl statue, black and white.

Boulder, CO 11:52 MDT October 14, 2020. #adayinthelife. A Day In The Life 11:57 am

New on my blog today: I have a theory about the Solo Loop bands from Apple. And is has nothing to do with watches.…