Joe Cieplinski

Small pine cone atop Mac mini.

Black and White

Wheel with black tire, white car.

Black Lives Matter spray painted on wall beside a creek


VW Bug through chain link fence.


Twigs floating in a puddle between two stones.


Congrats to @manton and @cheesemaker on the Sunlit 3 beta. Working great so far.

Cat toy stick wood ball on a string.

Young tree against a clouded but blue sky.

A peek through some trees at a path and blue sky.

Black and white stem of a plant closeup.

Looking up at a blue sky, framed by trees.

A lot of folks are suggesting Apple doesn’t need to do a live WWDC anymore. I disagree.…

We had so much fun at the last Release Notes Happy Hour, we’ve decided to do it again. This time, since it’s WWDC season, we’re going to be chatting about the latest announcements, how they will impact our businesses, etc. Wednesday, June 24th, at 7 pm Eastern. Free registration here:…

New on my blog: Dave Mark points out a buried privacy page on HBO Max, and it’s a doozy.…

Close up of Daisy.

Pine trees, looking up at blue sky.

Black and white young tree against a cloudy sky.

I always know it’s been a productive workday when I’m hundreds of tweets and posts behind on my timeline.

Black and White rocks.

Rocks and trees along a creek.

Full moon on a clear evening, lined with pine trees.

Release Notes is hosting a virtual happy hour this coming Thursday at 6pm Eastern time. Rather than having 100+ people in a single chat room, we’re going to randomly split people up into small breakout rooms, much like our dine-around events during our in-person conferences.

It’s a great opportunity to meet some new people, chat with old friends you would normally be seeing at in-person events, and get some much-needed relief from social isolation.

We’d love to see some of our friends there. All are welcome. It’s a free event.

(We know time zones might make this inconvenient for some. We’re hoping if this goes well to host similar events at more accommodating times.)

To find out more and register (for free), follow this link:

Rounded stones arranged on top of one another.

Looking directly up through pine trees at the sky.